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Get FREE shipping when you spend $100 with coupon code "SHIPFREE"

West Coast White Sage

A member of the mint family, the smoke from burning sage (AKA smudging) reduces over 94% of airborne bacteria in a room, and its smoke maintains a pure, disinfected space for up to 24 hours.

What’s more? White Sage contains compounds that activate the receptors in the body responsible for mood, and burning it releases ions which can boost your mood, reduce stress, help with insomnia, improve cognition, and even alleviate pain.

Used for centuries in purification rituals and ceremonies by indigenous and Ancient cultures, smudging our California White Sage cleanses your atmosphere of negative elements, leaving your space clear for positive energies to emerge.


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  1. Take a moment before you light the sage to set an intention for what exactly you’re trying to purify or release from your space. You may even choose to find a mantra that encapsulates your intention, such as “I let go of what no longer serves me.”
  2. Light the dry tips of the sage wand and let it catch fire for about 15 seconds. Afterwards, gently blow out the flame and allow it so smoulder. Smoke should start to billow up.
  3. Slowly walk around your space, and guide the smoke into all the nooks and crannies of your room, (focusing on corners, hallways, and in front of mirrors), before guiding it out open windows or doors.
  4. When you are done, place your your sage into a fireproof vessel, where you can let it burn out naturally or extinguish it by pressing the tip firmly into the vessel, or into sand or dirt.

Size: 9″ long, 2.5″ in diameter, or 4″ long, 2″ in diameter

Botanical name: Salvia Apiana. Also known as Buffalo Sage, Sacred Sage, White Sage, and Sacred White Sage.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 in

4", 9"


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