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Get FREE shipping when you spend $100 with coupon code "SHIPFREE"

Green Energy ✦ Heart Charka Blend

This fusion of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Pine and Jojoba Oil will stabilize your emotions and connect you to compassion and self-love.

Balancing for your heart chakra, this mixture is an excellent muscle-relaxer and will help decongest your respiratory system. Combined with Heelr’s Blue Energy Blend, it makes for a powerful natural cold and flu fighting combination!

We can’t possibly begin to list all of the proven therapeutic benefits of the active compounds within our Green Energy Blend, so we’ve let the infographics in our product image gallery do the talking!

These are perhaps the most true product photos we can show after all, for it’s the quality of ingredients within this amber glass container with a cooling, stainless steel rollerball top that matter.

We highly suggest using this for chakra support within the container of our Heart Chakra healing course, and in life beyond! Those who are mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually exhausted may find this blend especially helpful.


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Directions: Roll onto sore muscles and massage into skin. Apply a generous amount to the throat and chest area. Carried with jojoba oil, it is safe for application all over the skin!

Heelr’s Energy Blends are created by a team of aromatherapy and colour experts in super natural British Columbia.  Rather than just using a single essential oil, we allow you to experience more of a totality of healing oils for each chakra by combining like-minded oils of the same colour frequency to increase and intensify their desired effects.

Size: 10ml/.35oz

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Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in

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